Welcome. I'm Jess,
Mama, Naturopath and lover of our mother earth!


I was a Naturopath before I became a mother and I was a mother before I became this passionate zero waste warrior eager to create positive change. 

After watching the first War on Waste series on ABC iview in 2017, something really hit home. I decided I no longer wanted to participate in leaving this trail of waste behind for our children and grandchildren.  So January 2018 I began to transform our house from a disposable, over-consumed and unconscious family household to a re-useable, conscious, zero waste and plastic free home.  The choices we make every single day will leave life long positive or negative impacts on planet earth.  And I no longer want to be a part of the problem, but part of the solution. 

More people are waking up. More people are wanting change. And more people are willing to create this change.

We don't have a choice, our planet earth needs us.

One year after watching the first War on Wastes series, I was invited to share my zero waste passion and journey on stage at the Pilbara Women’s Network Luncheon in front of 150 other amazing women. Enjoy!

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Zero Waste - with kids
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