​Plastic free kids snacks

Starting on this Plastic Free July challenge.. my first thought was “what an earth am I going to feed the kids!!”

 Some days I feel like they live on organic rice cakes and avocado! So it took me a week or so to get my head around what else to feed them snack wise but they haven’t complained yet.

So here’s what they have been snacking on:


✔️ The fruit bowl is in reach for the little man and is mostly always full. It’s loaded with bananas, mandarines, pears, apples and more. He is free to eat as much fruit as he likes although I do cut him off after 4-5 bananas!

✔️ Cupboard snacks that he can reach is a container of dried sultanas and berries (cranberries, goji berries) plus a large jar of dates which are his favourite

✔️ I make up bliss balls and keep them in the freezer and alternate the bliss balls with a date and cacao slice (loaded with nuts and seeds) which L boy prefers. Plus we have several types of nut butters in the cupboard which we spoon out and into our mouths in the late arvo (YUM).

✔️ I also make up a Quiche a week (most sunday’s) and have bite size pieces ready to go for a more filling snack which the kids both love

✔️ Smoothies are also popular in our house and are a easy and nutritious filler. I load a few handfuls of spinach and a heaped spoonful of organic greens powder


✔️ Then other fruits like cherry tomatoes (from the garden) and avocado slices are a big hit. Also cucumber sticks and strawberries (when they come in our fruit box)

✔️ I occasionally make other treats like almond bread or muffins but not every week

✔️ Lastly, we generally have leftovers in the fridge like roast veg and curries which the kids love eating the next day

Do you notice a trend here? ... When you don’t buy packaged foods, you generally only buy and eat whole foods!

I like to keep snacks simple, whole and nutritious!

What are your go-to #zerowaste snacks? I’m always looking for new ideas! Feel free to share below!