Zero Waste - with kids

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Zero Waste (1).jpg

Zero Waste - with kids


Your Go-To Guide to reducing household waste with kids.

Did you know that EVERY single piece of plastic ever made STILL exists today? How does that make you feel? Will it make you question your next plastic purchase?

What we do each and every day will have a direct impact, either positively or negatively, for many generations to come. Those generations will look back on us one day and ask “what have you done?” I want to be the person that can say, “I did my part in creating a positive environmental change leaving a lighter and greener footprint”.

This is why I am so passionate about living a zero waste and plastic free life, for my children, for your children and for all the children that are to come.

This book is written for them.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Why we went zero waste

  • How we got started

  • How we audited our landfill bin and how you can too

  • Our Top 10 Sustainable swaps to going zero waste

  • Our Home Waste set-up

  • Living with Less

  • Low waste road trips and camping with kids

  • Feeding our tribe plastic-free

  • Easy zero waste recipes

  • Our go-to zero waste household products

100% of book sales are going back into helping reduce landfill waste, cleaning up our beaches and oceans and reducing our plastic pollution at the source. More details to be announced.

Enjoy reading and best of luck with your journey to an empty landfill bin! Jess x

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